Boundary Station

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Shiraz Grenache


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South Australia


The Donna Review

I was a bit worried about this being a 2020 wine – so not too long aging.

But pleasantly surprised, on smell there are definitely vanilla notes coming through. On taste, a strong taste of forest/blackberry fruits. There are tannins, but not overly concerned by this as the flavour of fruits come through first, tannins are second to come through and then lastly is is the fruits that are left in the mouth.

It is smooth and not a bad wine.

Wine Rating: 3.5/5

Man with no Palate Review

Now here is a question, do wines taste different when you are on holiday? The answer, is I don’t know, yet we have gone on holiday in Regional North Victoria with a wine from South Australia. Which is a bit ironic, but no doubt we will be sampling some of the wines from this region. It may be because I am a little bit more relaxed, but this wine just tastes that little bit more smoother, fruitier, silkier. It does though have a slight aftertaste, but is not a bine wine.

I would not be disappointed getting this in a restaurant.
Wine Rating: 3.5/5

Boundary Station Shiraz Grenache 2020 Bottle Label Description

Glowing are the days, gentle is the night for cleft tine roof fruits, skyward, reaching for the stars in sight.

Aging walls steeped in History, from generation to generation. A taste from where we call home. At the old boundary station.

An approachable, ripe and juicy red blend with blackberry fruit, vanillin oak, spicy black pepper and subtle balanced tannins.

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