Sensi Nero D’avola

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Nero D’avola



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Rating – 1/5

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The Donna Review

Bouquet is okay, if not slightly vinegar like. But a lovely deepness of ruby red in the glass. It is very heavy on the berry and there is too much acidness. You couldn’t drink this on its own, as it is so very sharp and has to be drunk alongside food.

This is a very disappointing wine from Aldi.

Wine Rating: 1.5/5

Man with no palate Review

These are the good points. The bouquet is reasonable and it is heavy on the berries. Sadly after that it is catastrophic. I usually really enjoy a Nero but this has to be one of the worst wines we have reviewed of which words cannot describe.

Wine Rating: 1/5 

Sensi Nero D’avola 2020 Bottle Label Description

At the turn of the 19th Century our great grandfather planted the first Sensi family vineyard on the top of a sunny hill in a Tuscany region near his home. It was his dream that his wines would be enjoyed all over the world. Now with the 3rd & 4th generations of contemporary innovating wine making style – some World class wines for your enjoyment. His dream has become reality.

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