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Dan Murphy
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Year – 2018

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Our Average Wine Rating: 2.5/5



The Donna Review

Loving the label and really think I am in Spain. This isn’t overly dark in the glass and is a very light colour. But this is rather sharp and fruity all at the same time. I do believe this is a wine that would taste differently if it were a hot summer day whilst grazing on tapas.
Wine Rating: 2.5/5

Man with no Palate Review

For a Tempranillo this is a rather sharp tasting wine and you can’t really see beyond that. It is flavorsome but every time you take that sip that sharpness just does not go away which is a shame. As regular readers will know that I am extremely partial to a Tempranillo.
Wine Rating: 2.5/5

Young & Co Super Fresh Tempranillo 2018 Bottle Label Description

Discover a world of fresh flavour with Young and Co Super Fresh.
A fabulous, fresh and fruity Tempranillo from sunny Spain. Say Hola to a wine that celebrates juicy red fruits with just enough spice to round out the flavours. A long, long finish. Delicioso!
A beautifully balanced Tempranillo that works well alongside cheese, pate, barbeque meats and poultry.
FOOD ADVENTURE; its tapas time – think Chorizo, Capers, Manchego cheese, stuffed Peppers, Olives and Artichokes…serve on a platter and enjoy rustic Spanish style.
Contains Sulphates. Produced with milk & egg products, traces may remain.

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