March: Alto Moncayo Veraton




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Price $50:00

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Rating  4/5

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The Donna Review

Pleasant bouquet and almost black in colour in the glass.

Smooth as silk with a slight aftertaste and no acidness – simply a lovely wine and can be easily drunk on its own or with food.

This is a heavy bottle and has a deep punt – which you would expect for a wine in this price range.

But the loner it is out of the bottle there is acidicness that comes through. It also becomes harsher and harsher the longer it sits in the glass. 

I am slightly disappointed that a wine in this price range still uses Sulphates.

Rating: 4/5

Man with no palate Review

I love the fact that this wine has absolutely no description which helps not interfere with what you are drinking. I kinda get chocolate, followed by an unbelievable rush of cherry and that is what I love about this wine that it is full of flavour and character as the critics would say.

The only criticism I would have is the longer it sits in the glass the more acidic it appears to become. At $50 I think this wine is worth it but not at $59.99.

Rating: 4/5

Alto Moncayo Veraton Garnacha 2018 Bottle label Description

Sadly is no description on the bottle

Alto Moncayo Veraton Garnacha 2018 – where to purchase

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