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Dan Murphy

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Rating 4/5




The Donna Review

As we were having grilled lamb we thought this would go well. And it certainly does go really well. They really compliment each other. This wine is very dark in the glass, but either the lamb brings out the flavour of the wine or vice versa.

This is a really delicious wine especially at this price point. I do think this wine is best enjoyed with food and not one to drink on its own. The tannins are soft and there is no harshness.

Rating: 4/5

Man with no palate Review

Those who have been following for the last few years, will know that I am a fan of Tempranillo, all I am going to say about this wine considering we got it under $20 just go and buy it. Its smooth, fantastic flavour, no aftertaste, says exactly what’s on the bottle. Could keep drinking it all night, a very drinkable wine.

Rating: 4/5

Artelan Rioja Bottle label Description

We produce this elegant, dry red, wind with utmost respect for our historic landscapes and vineyards. Applying the local tradition of blending vintages we achieve a complete wine that faithfully reflects it region, combining freshness, intensity and a silky texture. Gastronomically very versatile, it is a perfect match for grilled meats, tapas and pasta.

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