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Pajaro De Buen Aguero 2016 Garnache Reviews

The Donna Review

A rather nice wine, slightly spicy and fruity at the same time. Interesting notes it the mouth and fill with flavour, there is no aftertase in the throat.
Bursts of spiciness make this a great wine for Christmas!
Wine Rating: 4/5

Man with no Palate Review

Having been deprived of wine for the last couple of weeks. I’m not sure if this is a good wine because of the lack of wine or is just a good wine. i like this wine it has a cherry flavour with a heavy hint of spices.
Wine Rating: 4/5

Pajaro De Buen Aguero 2016 Garnacha Bottle Label Description

Pajaro De Buen Aguero means bird of good omen. The owl overlooks the vineyard to make sure no harm will come to it by flying over the Siera de la Vigen mountains. On hilltops between 500 and 700m above sea level. Lay 45 year old vines in stony soil. Ideal conditions for the Garnacha grape to grow. Aged 4 months in French oak barrels the Granacha wine offers a deep cherry red colour, intense nose with an aromatic profile with hints of thyme and paprika, followed by red fruit notes on the palate. Great companion to spicy or sweet and sour food.

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