Casa Santos Lima

Portuguese Red Wine

Wine variety

Red Blend


Dan Murphys

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Our Average Wine Rating: 2/5

Region: Portugal


The Donna Review

The label really doesn’t do it for me. So wasn’t expecting too much from this wine.
I personally really do not like this wine, it is full of flavour but really rather unpleassant. Struggling to even finish a glass.
Maybe I am just not a great fan of Portuguese wines!
Wine Rating: 1.5/5

Man with no Palate Review

For an $8 wine this is reasonably smooth. But what is really nice about this wine is punched full of flavour. If not slightly sickly, but as i said for $8 this is not a bad red table wine.
There was some wine left over, which I had the next day and it was so much beter. I think you need to let this wine breath.
Wine Rating: 2.5/5

Casa Santos Lima 2016 Bottle Label Description

It is believed that the origin of wines is the Portuguese territory goes back as far as 2000BC having benefited from the contribute of several ancient civilisations that used to occupy these lands. What is undeniable is the tradition and impact that wine has given to Portugal along the centuries. A country with a vast variety of native grapes and incomparable skills to combine them the best way possible to product quality wines. The ‘Red Blend Portugal’ pays homage to the Portuguese producers art to take the best out of each grape in order to create the perfect blend. This wine presents a nice ruby colour and striking aromatic exuberance. Smooth and elegant, it offers delicious flavours of ripe red fruits well balanced with notes of wood from four months ageing period in French and American Oak barrels.

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