Chavalote Tinto

Wine variety

Garnacha Tempranillo


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Vintage Year – not stated

Price: $8.99

Our Average Wine Rating: 3.5/5

Spain, Valencia

90 International Challenge Gilbert & Gaillard
Contains Sulphates


The Donna Review

This is a silky smooth wine and deepest red in the glass. With deep red fruits coming through, But there is a slight clay like effect in the mouth after swallowing. More of an earthy red, is this because it is organic or has sulpahtes.
Wine Rating: 3.5/5

Man with no Palate Review

This is a luscious red wine which punches with ripened fruit, it has a slightly dusty aftertaste but not acidic. What surprised me about this wine considering it is organic it still has sulphates in it which is somewhat disappointing. Even still a tasty wine.
Wine Rating: 3.5/5

Chavalote Tinto Garnacha Tempranillo Bottle Label Description

The youngest of the family continues his adventures. Travels the world looking for new ways to explore. You have been maturing. Mate!
Ripe red fruits and orange peel flavours are combined with the toasty and smokey notes of the Tempranillo and Garnacha variety.
Serving Temperature 14 to 18oc

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