Grands Les Maurins

Wine variety

Sauvignon Blanc


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Vintage Year – 2019

Price: $7.99

Our Average Wine Rating: 3.5/5


Contains Sulphates


The Donna Review

This went surprisingly well with a chicken curry, this is really fresh and the flavours of peach and mandarin really shine through. It is a lovely colour in the glass – really golden. Beautifully light and refreshing and as the chill leaves – more flavours come through.
Wine Rating: 3.5/5

Man with no Palate Review

Generally speaking you can’t go wrong with an in-house wine from Aldi, although have had a Rose that was a real stinker. This wine on the other hand is another Aldi belter. Really nice when it is super cold and unlike many other white wines at this price point isn’t loosing it as it warms up. I’m not saying this is the best wine in the world, but at $7.99!
Wine Rating: 3.5/5

Grands Les Maurins Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc 2019 Bottle Label Description

Grand Les Maurins presents a bright golden colour with green highlights. The nose is lively and elegant with light smoky notes and floral hints with fruity undertones (acacia, vine flavours). The palate is well balanced with a fresh finale characterised by floral hues of white peach and mandarin peel. Grand Les Maurins pairs perfectly with shellfish, grilled fish or smoked salmon.

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