De Bortoli Sia Rose

De Bortoli Sia Rose

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Dan Murphy

Price: $5.00 (at time of purchase).
Found in the $5 bin

Wine rating 3.5/5



De Bortoli Sia Rose 2018 Reviews

The Donna Review

Love the colour, served very chilled. A delicious, creamy, light and fruity wine. I am converted to a Rose lover!
You may think this was a strange drink to go with a Roast, but was looking for something refreshing after a very warm day.
Wine Rating: 3.5/5

Man with no Palate Review

Not really into Rose’s because we generally don’t drink them. The last one was truly horrible which we didn’t review. So this was a really pleasant surprise, crisp, light and fruity. As a non-expert on Rose this seems to be a steel at $5.
Wine Rating: 3.5/5

De Bortoli Sia Rose 2018 Bottle Label Description

Delicious, pale, Rose with hints of strawberry and cream balanced with citrus flavours.
Chill and enjoy now.

Served with

Marinated beef, roast potatoes and brocollini

Where to Purchase DeBortoli Sia Rose 2018

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