Xanadu 2015

Xanadu Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

Wine Variety

Sauvignon Blanc Semilon


Dan Murphy

Price: $10.00 (at time of purchase).

Rating 4/5

Margaret River Australia, Australia

Xanadu 2015 Reviews

The Donna Review

Fresh and fruity, great for summer. Refreshing
Wine Rating: 4/5

Man with no Palate Review

Fruity, creamy. Summer Meadows
Wine Rating: 4/5


Xanadu 2015 Bottle Label Description

This lively blend of Sauvignon Blanc of Semilon shows a wonderful purity of fruit offering hints of passion fruit, guavas, herbal and citrus characters with a crisp refreshing finish.

We served this wine with Roast Chicken, creamed pumpking, Jamie Oliver Brussels, baby peas

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