Domaine Des Lauriers Tempranillo

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The Donna Review

Lusciously smooth, silky almost. Full of flavour. This is a wine that you need to eat with food – not one to be drunk alone. A nice drinkable wine but not my favourite of those in the top ratings.
Wine Rating: 3.5/5

Man with no Palate Review

Those of you who read this regularly will know that Tempranillo is my favourite grape. So when you get a Tempranillo from France and not Spain, it is a very interesting proposition. To me this is not a classic Tempranillo, that said I really like this wine, smooth, luscious, lovely bouquet, flavorsome, not quite as good as the last wine (Que) but a really lovely drop.
Wine Rating: 4/5

Domaine Des Lauriers Tempranillo 2017 Bottle Label Description

The Cabrol family welcomes you to the Domaine des Lauriers, located between Pezannas and Cap d’Agde on the shores of the Mediterranean, and invites you to explore their range of fine Southern French wines, touched by the magic of the Mediterranean, the lake of Thau and the fragrantly scented Languedoc garrigues. A lovely brilliant purple role with violet tints, fresh and aromatic nose, crisp on the plate, developing depth of texture and balance.

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