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The Donna Review

On pouring there is a strong bouquet to the nose. This is smoky and really makes the tongue tingle. But putting that aside, it is lovely and smooth.

Not too sure about this mix of nice and not so nice, this isn’t a wine you can drink on its own it really has to be drunk with food.

Wine Rating: 3/5

Man with no Palate Review

Had one of those weeks where the Friday night wine is either good because it is Friday night or this wine hasn’t yet made its mind up. It does smell quite vinegary and yet it is sharp but bizarrely there is little aftertaste. I wouldn’t say it is smooth, but smoothish. They say Chianti does not travel this being a Sangiovese and this may be the reason why this wine is very conflicting.

Would be delicious with Chorizo, prawns and a squeeze of lemon – role on summer!
Wine Rating: 3/5

Brunito Bottle Label Description

Made from Sangiovese grapes and other local grape varietals. The colour is bright on the nose, the fruity sensations prevail followed by floral notes. Well-balanced on the mouth. This wine is a good match to starters, pasta dishes and light meat courses.

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