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Dominio De La Abadia 2016 Reviews

The Donna Review

Rich and full in the mouth. Lovely smooth with spicy undertones. A warming wine and a lovely deep red in the glass. This is a rather nice wine.
Wine Rating: 4/5

Man with no Palate Review

For $10 this seems a rather sophisticated wine although I wouldn’t know what a sophisticated wine is. It has a rather dusty taste to it, subtle on flavour with no aftertaste. I would buy this one again. Only downside it has a cork!
Wine Rating: 4/5

Dominio De La Abadia 2016 Bottle Label Description

One of Spains truly legendary wine making regions, the pristenly rural Ribera Del Duero in Central Spain is home to some of the world’s best and most exclusive red wines. Biting winters, sun-bleached summers and high altitude work hand-in hand with clayey silky and limestone soils to create the ideal conditions for Tinto Pino, the local name for the Tempranillo grapes which makes the bottle you are holding.
Grapes that make this amazing wine comes from 30 year old vineyards of a single estate, Domino De La Abadia.
Aged 3 months in a row, this wine offers lucious red fruits and black cherry flavours give structure and freshness whilst note of coco add intrigue.
Best Served with red meat, cheese and cooked vegies.

Served with

Italian sausages with mashed potato and BAKED BEANS!

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