Francoise Lurton MJ La Mule Rose 2017


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Provence, South East France

Francois Lurton MJ La Mule Rose Reviews

The Donna Review

Pretty in the bottle and a nice light pink colour. A very dry Rose, with not sweetness at all. But a very creamy wine, but not keen on the tase in the mouth. No fruit or pleasant taste.
Wine Rating: 2/5

Man with no Palate Review

Slowly getting used to Rose’s almost converted. This one is creamy, light, refreshing but sadly has a rather boring acidic aftertaste. Wchic is a shame as it lets down this wine.
Wine Rating: 3/5

Francois Lurton MJ La Mule Rose Bottle Label Description

Sur des Sols calcaires et an altroe, non corteaux varois en Provence beneficient de la fraicheur de la Mer Mediterrante ed sent prostege du mistral (vent local dominant).
Grenache noir et cinsavlt dominent dans l’assemblae.
Offrence au vin sa couleur douce et rosepale et son nez tres fruite. L’attaque en bouche est vive, la bouche tres fratche marquee par les notes de petis fruits route (franboise bosella).
Vin de repar par excellence, il sera aussi tres apprean en aperitf.

Located in high altitude limestone soils, over Corteaux Varou de Provence vines benefit from the cool air of Med sea and protection from the strong locla Mistral winds. Greanche Noir and Consantt make up the only grapes in this blend, which offers a soft, plae pink colour and delicious fresh fruit flavours. A perfect pairing for many dishes, and can also be enjoyed as an aperitif.

Served with

Bolognaise – with a chilli kick!

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