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The Donna Review

We haven’t had a white wine in a while. But today was a very humid day and the chilled Chardonnay was perfect for that. A beautiful golden colour in the glass and a fruity floral bouquet. It is really refreshing with beautiful apple pear flavour coming through. The acidity is just right. Just perfect

This will definitely be making the top 10 for the Christmas list.

Wine Rating: 4/5

Man with no Palate Review

If someone had told me that this was from some fancy vineyard I would have believed them. I’m not much of a white wine drinker, but this is a really nice wine for the following reasons. It has a lovely balance of creaminess, with that slight acidic apply undertone, but what really sets this wine apart from other whites is as the chillness comes off it, it continues to be reliable, tasty and an element of sophistication. There is something about Granite Rose Estate wines, whether white or red that has a consistent level of reliability in their wines.

Wine Rating: 4/5

Granite Rose Estate Chardonnay 2017 Bottle Label Description

A modern and sophisticated Chardonnay with a sense of toasted hazelnuts and green apple pear.

Aromas of lemon blossom and white stone fruit and a balanced acidity that leaves your senses to imagine. Drink now.

Enjoy with chargrilled meats, game, spicy Asian food, Italian seafood past, pizza and elegant chesses.

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