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The Donna Review

On buying this I was excited because we were able to purchase this for $15, and it usually retails at $70+. So had great expectations, this is full of flavour but I’m not sure it is the best we have had, we have had much better wines. Now if I was able to afford every week a $70 bottle I would say this is expensive for what it is, and there are much better Shiraz’s out there at this price point.

Wine Rating: 3/5

Man with no Palate Review

Apparently and although we paid $15 for this, this is a $70+ wine. And this is where my confusion kicks in, yet this is a very tasty wine, and has some complex undertones, yet it is somewhat acidic and you can really feel it hit the stomach. So, are we being lured in by the price point of $70+ therefore we think it should be really great or our taste buds are so educated to lower price points that we don’t appreciated the supposed quality of this wine. If we didn’t know the $70+ price point, I would this is is just pure average.

Wine Rating: 3/5

Fernando The First Shiraz 2016 Bottle Label Description

The complex and elegant wine was produced from specially selected grapes.

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