Greedy Bird Cab Sav

Greedy-Bird-Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine Variety

Cabernet Sauvignon


Dan Murphy

Price: $6.00 (at time of purchase).
Dan Murphy $6 Bin


South Eastern Australia

Greedy Bird Cabernet Sauvignon Reviews

The Donna Review

When I saw this I remembered how nice the Greedy Bird Shiraz was. So thought this would be a good buy. But very disappointing, very acidic with not much else. Not going back for a second glass!
Wine Rating: 1/5

Man with no Palate Review

From memory I enjoyed Greedy Bird Shiraz. This on the other hand is somewhat vicious and avoidable. This may well be better suited in a beef caserole.
Wine Rating: 1.5/5

Greedy Bird Bottle Label Description

Ever watchful the Greedy Bird knows the perfect time to steal the ripest fruit from the vine. So the race is on to get the first and taste from the sweatest bunch.
This Cabernet Sauvignon is deep red, plum with some herbal notes. Medium weight with blackberry, some spicy and a hint of oak.

Served with

Chick Curry made with yogurt, rice and popadums.

Where to Purchase Greedy Bird Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

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