Serafino Bellissimo Tempranillo

Serafino Bellissimo Tempranillo

Wine Variety




Price: $19.00 (at time of purchase).
SPALSH OUT WINE – 10 years in Australia


McLaren Vale, Australia, Australian

Serafino Tempranillo Reviews

The Donna Review

Rather silky smooth to the taste. Deepening colour in the glass. Blackcurrent undertones. A very yummy wine and well worth the cost.
Wine Rating: 4/5

Man with no Palate Review

This Tempranillo is rich on flavour, tasty and smooth. Which we are not used to! And for an Australian Tempranillo is not a bad drop at all. Could be one for the Christmas list.
Wine Rating: 4/5

Tempranillo is a Spanish variety well suited to McLaren Vale’s Mediteranean climate. Bellissimo Tempranillo is a bright modern style, expressing red fruit aromas balanced with spicy dark fruit flavours and an even palate. Enjoy with Tapas or Paella.

Preservative 220 added.

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