Jack The Maverick

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Red Blend


Dan Murphy

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Australia, Australian

Jack The Maverick Reviews

The Donna Review

A beautiful deep ruby when poured. Fruit flavours burst in the mouth, this wine is a difficult one to describe, maybe because of it’s complexitiy. But it is a very easy wine to drink.
Wine Rating: 2.5/5

Man with no Palate Review

This is not bad for a cheap wine, not exactly sure what it is. The label is totally out of place withe the wine. But if you are looking for a great bbq wine, I would not be disappointed if someone brought this along.
Wine Rating: 3/5

Jack the Maverick Bottle Label Description
When JJ McWilliams planted the region’s first vineyard in nineteen thirteen. Griffith (then named Bagtown) was a place for civilianian one of great hardship but almost limitless opportunities.
McWilliam Bagtown is a tribute to the great visionaries of the McWilliam family that for a generation have kept McWilliam at the forefront of Australian winemakers recognised widely for mostly innovation and leadership.
Jack McWilliam ‘The Maverick’ danced to his own beat – challenging convention and accepted through at every turn. His legacy of independence and creativiity has helped make McWilliam the relentless pioneer of it today.
This McWilliam Bagtown ‘Maverick’ red blend is a complex and intriguing wine packed with dark berry flavours, evolic spice and subtle smooth oak character.

Served with

Jamie Oliver’s 15 mins meals.

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