Cabernet Sauvignon


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Price $9

Rating – 4/5

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McLaren Vale, Australia


The Donna Review

Was excited to try a 2016 especially as it was now a 7 years old vintage. Was concerned there would be sediment in this. But on pouring this is deeply red colour in the glass. This is a luscious smooth wine and has a lovely finish. This is truly a delicious wine and for the price and the vintage is well worth purchasing.

Rating: 4/5

Man with no palate Review

I don’t often look in the bargain bins in Dam Murphy’s. But for some reason on this occasion I did. And like a gold nugget in the ground I saw the date 2016. Which makes you think why is a 2016 in the bin, but worth a crack. And to be honest I am glad I did, for $9 this is a ridiculously good wine. Nice and smooth, luscious berry flavours and for the price to be honest you can’t really fault it. If we were to base this wine on the price we paid for it below $10 this is one of the best wines we have had. If you can get your hands on it at this price I strongly recommend it.

Wine Rating: 4/5 

Vasarelli Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 Bottle Label Description

The Vasarelli family settled and established their vineyards in one of Australia’s most recognised wine regions. Mclaren Vale, here they planted to the most suitable varieties, regardless of fashion to create enduring wines full of character. The Estate’s grown range represents great wine quality derived from the beautiful family cured vineyards.

This Caberent Sauvignon sourced from both the home block and the picturesque seaview block, is an intensely flavoured wine with the structure to ensure it will age gracefully with careful cellaring for up to 10 years.

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