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Barossa, Australia


The Donna Review

I know we have tried in the past a Krondorf mix. I have to say this is a delicious wine and extremely easy to drink. It is light in colour yet full of flavour with no aftertaste. Balanced beautifully in tannins. You could easily drink this on its own or goes well with food – this is an extremely easy to drink wine.

Wine Rating: 4/5 

Man with no palate Review

Not often do I notice the colour of the wine whilst I am pouring it. But for some random reason I did notice today. This wine has a lovely colour, reminds me of Cherry Aid as a child. Which I have very fond memories of, this wine I think has potential to follow suit. This is much better than the previous wine we had from this winery, but is not quite as good as some of the outstanding wines we have had recently.

Wine Rating: 4/5 

Krondorf Founders View Grenache 2020 Bottle Label Description

The founders of Krondorf Founders village farmed small plots, where vines grew among produce, orchards and livestock.

In the 1890’s the Glenview winery was founded which overlooked these little farms. This winery became the engine room of Krondorf wines.

A beautiful Grenache with red cherry and raspberry notes on the nose. Juicy red berry flavours on the palate along with pepper, spice and premium French oak that balances the structure.

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