On the Grapevine

On the Grapevine Shiraz 2018

Wine Variety



Dan Murphy

Price: $9.99* (at time of purchase).
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Wine Rating 2/5

NSW, Australia

On the Grapevine Shiraz 2018 Reviews

The Donna Review

Great on the nose. Fruit hits the mouth and the nose!
Deep wine, with a slightly smokeness to it, strong acidicness to it, which really hits your throat. Really not a Summer wine or a devine wine!
But really love the label, which is fun.
Wine Rating: 2/5

Man with no Palate Review

This wine has a lovely rich deep colour to it. And a reasonable bouquet. It seriously warms the stomach and I can understand why they suggest this as a winter wine. Although I’m not sure if this is overly acidic. Maybe one for the fire.
Wine Rating: 2/5

On the Grapevine Shiraz 2018 Bottle Label Description

Sometimes only a big red wine will do. Packed with rich fruit flavours and silky smooth.
An ideal partner on a cold winter’s night.
Perfect with BBQ meat and hard cheeses.
Or with a warm conversation.
On the Grapevine Rich and Smooth Shiraz.
Wine of Australia.

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