Jacobs Creek Reserve Shiraz Vintage

Jacobs Creek Reserve Shiraz

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Dan Murphy

Price: $9.95 (at time of purchase).

Average wine rating 2/5

Limestone Coast, South Australia

Jacobs Creek Reserve Shiraz Vintage 2017 Reviews

The Donna Review

You always expect Jacobs Creek wines to be really good.
Like a typical Shiraz, this has a sharp initial taste, but not much after that.
It feels like it still needs to mature before drinking, so like the label says might be good to let it develop over the next five years.
It also might be better with a rich beef stew!
Wine Rating: 2/5

Man with no Palate Review

I really look forward to my Friday night wine. And after a fairly rough week at work the last thing you want is a rough wine. This is like drinking clay, it lacks anything particular. Yet I’m wondering if one should buy another and drink it in 3 years time. It could just be a case of lying it down and seeing what it is like on current performance,
Wine Rating: 1.5/5

Jacobs Creek Reserve Shiraz Vintage 2017 Bottle Label Description

The diverse climate and soils of the Limestone Coast region provide ideal condition to produce bold flavoursome Shiraz. For this Reserve wine we selected grapes from Limestone Coast vineyards which exhibited fresh blackberry and plum flavours with regional nuances of lavender and liquiorice.
A full bodied wine with soft fine tannins which is enjoyable now and will continue to develop over the next five years.
South Australia Limestone Coast region is renowned for producing high quality Shiraz wines.

This product may contain traces of the fining agents milk and egg white.

Served with

Jamie Olivers Chicken Stew with Dumplings

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