Regaleali Nero D’Arda 2017

Red Wine of Italy

Wine variety

Red wine of Italy


Dan Murphys

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Our Average Wine Rating: 3/5

Region: Italian


The Donna Review

This wine would not be on the cheap end apart from the Member Offer. It really is rather smooth and reminds me of those Italian House wines you get when in Italy (can say that having spent many a holiday in Italy). The local smells and aromas would add to the flavour of this wine (when you really enjoy a wine whilst in another Country and purchase a bottle to take home – and it never tastes the same!) especialy of an evening, as it is rather dusty in taste and aftertaste.
Wine Rating: 3/5

Man with no Palate Review

Do you remember the film with Eddie Murphy called Trading Places. When the movie starts with him in a gentelmans club, this wine is a wine I would imagine a gentelemans club serving as it has that deep rich leather armchair comforting presence. The flavours change with every mouthful, is one minute smooth the next not so much and then smooth again. I would buy this wine to make your own mind up, its really intriguing.
Wine Rating: 3/5

Regaleali Nero D’Arda 2017 Bottle Label Description

Just as you would expect with a Red Wine of Italy there is no description.

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