Sancho Garces Tempranillo


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Dan Murphy

Price: $9.99 (at time of purchase).

Our Wine Rating: 2/5 – 3/5

Spain, Spanish, Espana

Sancho Garces Tempranillo Reviews

The Donna Review

When I popped the bottle open there was a strong acidness to the nose, which took me a back for a split second.
Usually a Tempranillo is smooth and has depth, there is warmth, but the acidness overtakes any other flavours. So for me this is a slightly disappinting wine.
Wine Rating: 2/5

Man with no Palate Review

This is the first red wine we have had for a while that has real punch to it. I’m a real fan of Tempranillo and this may not be the best one, but is full of flavour, dry and robost. It is slightly acidic, but the rest compensates.
Wine Rating: 3/5

Sancho Garces Tempranillo 2017 Bottle Label Description

Intense aroma of red fruit.
Refreshing, tasty and well balanced.
Serve between 15 – 16 oC
750ml, 14% Alc/Vol

Note: Contains Sulphates

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