Flight of the Condor

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Rating – 3/5

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The Donna Review

Was excited to see a new Malbec, was especially surprised by the price – not sure if it is too much!

Flavoursome Bouquet and beautiful deep colour in the glass.

This is beautiful, smooth with a smokiness to it. It is smooth and flavoursome, my only concern is that this is a screw top and not a cork. I personally believe that a cork would have been better especially as this has come from Argentina.

Wine Rating: 3.5/5

Man with no Palate Review

This wine is a story of 2 parts, or two half’s depending on how you look at it, either way it is a pleasant tasting wine, and then it hits your stomach and it is really acidic which is a pity.

Wine Rating: 2.5/5 

Flight of the Condor 2019 Bottle Label Description

The Majestic condors soar above the Andes Mountains capturing in their flight. Argentina’s finest wine appellations.

Handcrafted from Malbec sourced from high elevation vineyards in Mendoza, this wine has a vibrant fruit profile with a well balanced and elegant structure.

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