Smart Dog Shiraz & Trincadeira 2016

Smart Dog Shiraz and Trincadeira

Wine Variety

Shiraz & Trincadeira



Price: $6.99 (at time of purchase).
An Aldi Special



Smart Dog Shiraz & Trincadeira 2016 Reviews

The Donna Review

For a Shiraz it is slightly spicy but not full on. Light and fruity. Rather nice and good to drink.
Wine Rating: 4/5

Man with no Palate Review

Reasonably smooth, rich in flavour. Shiraz wine with heavy overtones of finest berries.
Wine Rating: 3.5/5

Smart Dog Bottle Label Description

It takes a smart dog to discover a great wine and a passionate winemaker to bring to life. One day the winemaker’s dog ran away. Hours later the dog was found digging for a bone. That’s when he found something very special. Do you know what he found?
J.P Rames excellent Smart Dog Shiraz and Trincadeira is a full bodied, deeply red wine with an interior and mightly aromas on the nose, full of mineral, spices and ripe dark fruit. It will match perfectly to meat stew or grilled steak – but don’t forget a juicy bone for you best friend…..woof!!

Served with

Hot Chilli

Where to Purchase Smart Dog

  • Smart Dog Vineyard bottled by J Portugal, Ramos, Portugal
  • Aldi
  • Where else to buy

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