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Qantas Christmas Wine Advent Calendar 2021

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Rating – 3/5

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Eden Valley, Australia


The Donna Review

This is very light in the glass and the bouquet is definitely that of a Riesling. On taste this is very refreshing with a slight Riesling edge, but very different from any other Riesling I have had. But as the chill leaves this, it does become more of a classic Riesling. 

Overall the best Riesling I have had, but not fully converted.

Why do Rieslings always come in tall, skinny bottles?

Note: this did give me a bad Headach!

Wine Rating: 3/5

Man with no Palate Review

As I have previously mentioned on this blog, I’m not a great fan of Riesling. I have yet to have one to understand what all the full is about. That said this wine is close to changing my mind on Riesling, it is slightly fruity for my liking yet is well balanced due to it being slightly acidic. It is an interesting combination, it even slightly creamy on the aftertaste.

Wine Rating: 3/5

Soul Growers Riesling 2021 Bottle Label Description

Soul Growers stands for all that is Barossa and the inherent values that have been formed from the knowledge shared by the elders f the region and our own instinctive view.

Eden Valley is the soul of Riesling renowned for its intensity, depth of flavour and age worthiness Our rebase is no exception and will reward cellaring for years to come but can be enjoyed when it’s young, fresh and crisp. Classic Eden Valley!

The essence of what we strive for is to ensure a lifestyle that is good for the soul – wine, food, family, music, mates and fun.

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