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South Eastern Australia


The Donna Review

I do love a Merlot and the bouquet is okay, nothing great about this but at the same time is non offensive.

This does not taste like a classic Merlot. It is overly spicy on the aftertaste. There is a slight smoothness to it, like all Merlots have. But there is acidnes to it, and wonder if this should have been laid down for longer. Not the best Merlot I have had.

Wine Rating: 2.5/5

Man with no Palate Review

One of the most memorable if not the best wine I have had was from the Rosemont Estate. We drank it with some friends before we came to Australia and one of them who is French, also thought it was one of the best wines she had had. Which is a very mighty compliment. The saving grace though for this wine is that we had it with Red Cabbage so the acidity kind of balanced each other. If it wasn’t for that this is not a great wine. It is very acidic and to be honest it would probably be more suited in a winter casserole.

Wine Rating: 2/5 

Rosemont Estate Diamond Label Merlot 2019 Bottle Label Description

Our Diamond label Merlot is generous, full and ripe with flavours of dark plum and blackberry set against subtle oak. The finish is long, rich and smooth. Enjoyable with a wide variety of Italian dishes, it responds well to the savoury taste in foods such as cured meats, mushrooms and parmesan.

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