St Johns Road

Wine variety

Grenache, Mataro, Shiraz


Dam Murphy

Price $19.95

Rating – 3/5

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Barossa, Australia


The Donna Review

The lightness in the glass is from the Grenache, but the spiciness is from the Shiraz.

Now I wasn’t too keen on the label when I saw this at Dam Murphy. I’m not sure that any Grenache comes through but is overwhelmed by the Shiraz, which to be honest is the much stronger flavour of the two grapes. There is no aftertaste and if you where blind folded – you would put this down as a Shiraz.

Wine Rating: 3/5

Man with no Palate Review

I remember Italia ’90, sadly like it was yesterday. Other than the actual finale to me it was the greatest World Cup of all time. I was backpacking in Sydney watching football matches in night clubs, sadly this wine does not quite live up to the romantic memories of the football. I would love to come up with another World Cup pun, but sadly like this wine I can’t think of one. So, what do I really think of this wine, its more like Euro 2001 goes down to a penalty shoot out and the right team wins. Exactly yet all disappointing at the same time.

Wine Rating: 3/5

St Johns Road, Motley Bunch Vintage 2017 Bottle Label Description

Great collaboration is like an orchestra it doesn’t work if everyone plays the same part. The magic happens when a bunch of seeming misfits, fit together seamlessly, to create perfection. It’s Carreras, Doming and Pavarotti. It’s Cobain, Noveselic and Grohi.

It’s snap, crackle and pop.

Minimal intervention – vegan friendly.

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