The Stag

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Tempranillo Shiraz


Dan Murphys

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Victoria, Australia

Cool Climate


The Donna Review

We have had this before, but never Tempranillo Shiraz mix. So was interested in a cool climate Tempranillo Shiraz. Beautiful raspberry colour in the glass, the spiciness of the Shiraz comes through and the smoothness of the Tempranillo is still comes through. This is a lovely mix of grapes and work well together. Really enjoying this. So if you like Tempranillo and you like Shiraz, this will not disappoint.
Wine Rating: 4/5

Man with no Palate Review

I have been desperate to use this next word, luscious. And that single word describes this wine perfectly. We could waffle on about this and that but this Tempranillo and Shiraz mix is really tasty and I believe would not disappoint.
Wine Rating: 4/5

The Stag, St Huberts, Victoria Cool Climate Tempranillo Shiraz 2019 Bottle Label Description

The Stag is a symbol of power and elegance. The stuff of myth and legend revered the world over, he personifies strength and grace.
Crafted with a mix of traditional and modern winemaking techniques, this cool climate style Tempranillo Shiraz is perfect for enjoying with food.
Medium bodied with a mix of fleshly fruit and savoury spice.

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