Beaujolais La Grande Conronne

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Beaujolais, Gamay


Dan Murphy

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The Donna Review

I’m not a lover of the label – I have seen this before in Dan Murphy, but always walk past it.

It is lovely and light in colour in the glass. There is a super amount of fruit to the taste with soft tannins.

Goes really well with a curry – usually I find only beer compliments a curry!

There is a slight smokiness to this wine. This might be nicer chilled and drank on a warm summers day.

Wine Rating: 3/5

Man with no Palate Review

For some bizzare reason, when I have Beaujolais I always think of the late great Terry Wogan back in the 80’s. Some random TV show he was on going on about Beaujolais and no doubt the 80’s was the pinnacle of Beaujolais like many things in life, this comes in and out of fashion.

So having a Beaujolais (we did have a Gamay Recently), not sure if it has fallen out of flavour. Really fruity, almost soft drink like (think cherry aid). Well worth investigating more although this one leaves a slightly sour taste. Which may taste a lot nicer on a hot Summer’s day.
Wine Rating: 3/5

Beaujolais La Grande Conronne 2018  Bottle Label Description

Sadly there is no description on the label!

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