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Tempranillo Touriga



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Heathcote, Australia


The Donna Review

Sadly we had this with a chicken dish (last minute change of dinner plan) and it would have been so much nicer with a beef dish. But that said, this is a lusciously deep wine and full of fruit flavours – although there is a slight clay like finish on the mouth.

I opened this a while before we drank it and I think the air helped to bring out the flavour and also mellowed the tannins.

Wine Rating: 3.5/5

Man with no Palate Review

Not exactly sure where to start on this. For example do I mention that we had this with a really yummy Risotto, that this wine really didn’t accompany. Or do I mention that for Aldi this is an expensive wine, but everything is relative. That all said this could be one of those absolute classics. To me it tastes totally different to anything else, its not smooth, but is really tasty, full of fruit (thinking black cherry).

Would be delicious with Chorizo, prawns and a squeeze of lemon – role on summer!
Wine Rating: 4/5

De Bortoli Villages Tempranillo Touriga Heathcote 2019 Bottle Label Description

Vineyard in the Northern Parts of the Heathcote region. Tempranillo and Touriga Nacional are varieties that are robust, dense and highly perfumed.

Both varieties are grown in the village of Corop, the Tempranillo from Heathcote and the Touriga from the Willoughby and Rathjen vineyards.

Tasting Notes: Dark vivid colour. Deeply scented, blue fruits, ethereal, wild spice, violets, fleshy, gentle acidity and very delicious.

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