Drop Zone Tempranillo


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Dan Murphy

Price: $9.00 (at time of purchase).

Wine rating 4/5

Dan Murphy $9 Bin


Victoria, Australia

Drop Zone Tempranillo 2016Reviews

The Donna Review

A lovely Tempranilo, a great find in the Dan Murphy bin. This is very fruity and smooth, it goes extremely well with the Ragu that I cooked. I will look for this one on the shelf.
Wine Rating: 4/5

Man with no Palate Review

This was my Birthday wine and Tempranillo is my favourite wine, cannot believe that this was a bine wine. It has a fantastic range of fruit flavours, cherry, plum….not a disapointment for a Birthday wine.
Wine Rating: 4/5

Drop Zone Tempranillo Bottle Label Description

You know how the saying goes ‘x’ marks the spot. Packed inside is a Tempranillo from a premium Heathcote Vineyard that was vinified using a combination of fermentation styles and French oak, to highlight the regional characteristics. The wine combines lifted aromas of spice & dark cherries, with a balanced palate of black plums, ripe figs and hint of white pepper.

Served with

Pulled Beef Ragu

Where to Purchase Drop Zone Tempranillo 2016

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