Tocado Grenache

Tocado Grenache

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Dan Murphy

Price: $8.99 (at time of purchase).

Average wine rating 3/5



Tocado Grenache 2016 Reviews

The Donna Review

I’m finding it difficult to place this wine. It is full in the mouth with flavour with no throat overtones. But it does linger in the mouth, which is no bad thing. There is definately a berry sharpeness to it. Loving the label!
Wine Rating: 3/5

Man with no Palate Review

Yet another wine that is difficult to place, it kind of reminds me of a hot red wine, a winter drink like a glug. Yet is biazarely light in texture. This is not a disappointing wine. Definately has a cherry taste.
Wine Rating: 3.5/5

Tocado Grenache 2016 Bottle Label Description

This superb red wine is made from extra ripe Grenache and delivers wild berry flavour. Easy to drink, it is excellent partner to red meat and chese.

Served with

Chicken and chriozo risotto.

Where to Purchase Tocado Grenache 2016

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