Famille Bougrier

Famille Bougrier Label

Wine variety

Gamay Noir


Dam Murphy

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Rating – 3/5

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The Donna Review

We had this with chicken because it goes well with white meat. It is light in the glass. Slightly spicy with a sharp initial taste, which disappears really quickly. The spice seems to overtake the berry’s. Not bad for the price and is an enjoyable wine on a budget.

Wine Rating: 3/5

Man with no Palate Review

Bizarrely beginning to get into Bougrier/Gamay. And this one is not a disappointment but not amazing at the same time. I think of the ones we have reviewed so for, this is possibly at the lower end purely because it does have a particular aftertaste.

Wine Rating: 3/5

This is great value at this price, hence the scores.

Famille Bougrier Bottle Label Description

A family, a history and its vineyards since 1998. A generation of Bougrier have mastered the art of wine making in the Kings Valley, the Loire Valley. For our Pure Vallee Cuvees, we have tried to conceive enjoyable wines, generous on the fruit side and the freshness of our terrors. Its nice Gamay has soft immediate pleasure with a fruity mouth and a lovely finish. to be served slightly chilled (12-14o) with any white meats, cold cuts and of course cheese.

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