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The Donna Review

Wow have to say I wasn’t expecting anything too spectacular from this, because of the price and also because it’s an Australian Tempranillo.

But pleasantly surprised, its not the best Tempranillo we have had, it is lighter than a typical Tempranillo but still tasty and easy to drink.

There is a slight aftertaste, which could be the sulphates.

But a great wine at the price.

Label has 1950’s undertones!

Wine Rating: 3.5/5

Man with no Palate Review

We have to remember that this a really cheap wine. With that as a consideration this is a really good drop. Flavorsome, definitely has a hint of a berry according to the bottle blackberry. What I really like about this wine at the price that it is, there is very little acidity and aftertaste. I wonder if they missed a one off the front of the price.

It has such a cool name for a bottle.

Wine Rating: 3.5/5

This is great value at this price, hence the score.

Pablo & Pedro Tempranillo 2019 Bottle Label Description

Pablo & Pedro were both great artists, but that’s where the similarity ends. Pablo was short, Pedro was tall. Pablo was loud, Pedro was restrained. Pablo’s style was vibrant and provocative, Pedro elegant and dignified. Inspired by these artistic traits, we made this wine – a homage to Spanish craft and passion.

Delicious aromas of red fruit, blackberry and a touch of spice. Flavours of strawberries, vanilla, subtle oak and ripe tannins. Enjoy with Spanish tapas such as jamon, croquettes and olives.

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