Finca Del Mar

Finca-Del Monastrell Petit Verdot

Wine Variety

80% Monastrell nd 20% Petit Verdot



Price: $6.99 (at time of purchase).


Valencia, Spain, Spannish

Finca Del Mar Monastrell Petit VerdotReviews

The Donna Review

When I bought this, I didn’t recognise the grapes and so didn’t know what to expect!
It is like no other wine, deep in the glass but pale in the top. A thin wine with fruit undertones. There is a slight aftertaste. I wouldn’t buy it again.
Wine Rating: 2/5
This has a real cork!

Man with no Palate Review

An interesting wine that I personally find difficult to describe. It is light, yet has flavour, yet is non-descrip. Yet it’s interesting taste may be better chilled.
Wine Rating: 3/5

Finca Del Mar Monastrell Petit Verdoct 2016 Bottle Label Description
Finca Del Mar refers to the influence of the Mediterraean climate in obtaining the highest quality grapes. With which these great wines are made. This wine has a deep purple colour alive and brilliant. It shows aromas of fresh red fruits with warm spices. On the palate it is intense with a big personality and ample and smooth wine with a long rich finish.

Best Spanish Producer AWC Vienna 2014

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Where to Purchase Finca Del Mar

    • Finca Del Mar Vineyard

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