Hoya Reserva Tempranillo

Hoya Decadenas Reserva Tempranillo 2014

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This has a cork!

Price: $7.99 (at time of purchase).

Our Average Wine Rating: 2/5

Valencia, Spain


The Donna Review

This wine is heavy and the sharpness and acidness overtake any other flavours that might be there.
So can’t say it is the best unfortunately. Very disappointing for an Aldi wine!
Wine Rating: 2/5

Man with no Palate Review

I was looking forward to this wine, it being my favourate grape. But unfortunately it lacks on all fronts. It is not overly tasty, leaves a slightly clayey taste in the mouth and is a little acidic, sadly. As Aldi wines are generally of a higher standard at this price.
Wine Rating: 2.5/5

Hoya Decadenas 2018 Reserva Tempranillo Bottle Label Description

The Hoya de Cadenas Estate is a winemaking paradise just 90km from the city of Valencia.
The Estate boasts over 300 hectres of the finest local and international vine varieties.
This wine has spent 12 months in American oak barrels. It’s a smooth, velvety wine with an elegant and spicy finish.

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