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The Donna Review

Beautiful colour in the glass along with a delicious aroma.

This is an easy to drink wine and very subtle. Never had a Saperavi grape ever before but one I would look out for.

It is easy to drink with or without food, would imagine it would be nice with some good cheeses.

There is depth there but also after a while some bitterness – is this the wine or the sulphates?

Wine Rating: 3.5/5 

Man with no palate Review

I have never had a Saperavi so we will have to look it up to see if it goes by another name. 

The bouquet on this wine is truly amazing, it is rich, deep, you almost want to eat it. I am almost kicking myself that we didn’t leave this for another year. Already it is a really nice wine, as little bit more maturity would have got rid of the slight acidness. The only drawback is the longer the wine is in the glass, it does tend to become somewhat bitter then the original pour.

Wine Rating: 3.5/5 

Muddy Puddles Saperavi 2021 Bottle Label Description

Winemaker Alex Russell seeks out the most interesting grapes from Australia’s wine regions, when the opportunity arises, he showcases the very best of their unique characters.

Saperavi / Mully Darling

Deep purple – red in appearance. Dark fruits and spice combine to product a light fruit cake aroma, which will develop into licorice and fennel as it ages. A beautiful fruit driven wine, with a rich full bodied palate and a lingering finish.

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