HundredWeight Hill Shiraz Vintage

Hundred-Weight-Hill Shiraz Vintage

Wine Variety

Shiraz Vintage 2018



Price: $9.99 (at time of purchase).

Our Average Wine Rating: 2.5/5

Heathcote, Australia


The Donna Review

Sharp acidness to this wine. I really can’t get any other flavours coming through.
So disappointed with this Shiraz.
Wine Rating: 2/5

Man with no Palate Review

Heathcote Shiraz’s are usually reliable and this one neither hits the mark or missing it. This strangely is a non-descrip wine with berry flavours and is slightly acidic for the same price if, you are buying at Aldi there are much better buys.
Wine Rating: 3/5

HundredWeight Hill Shiraz Vintage 2018 Bottle Label Description

Carefully hand selected from the Heathcote region that delivers a powerful and seductive shiraz. Vibrant perfumed red fruits and spice that fills the mough with soft, plush tannins and lingering mocha on the finish. A wine which is bold without being heavy and refined without being lean or unfinished.

Where to Purchase HundredWeight Hill Shiraz Vintage 2018

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