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John Luke Malbec Label

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Limited Release 2019


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Rating – 3/5

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The Donna Review

This is a Malbec which I do like. On pouring it is a lovely deep colour in the glass. I cannot describe the bouquet, neither pleasant or unpleasant. I do feel though on taste this is a young Malbec and lacking some of the characteristics of a Malbec. It is very heavy on the spice, and may need more time to mature.

Wine Rating: 2.5/5

Man with no Palate Review

This Malbec and to be honest I am not sure if I have had an Australian Malbec. Is heavy on the spice, quite clayey on the taste and the bouquet is somewhat to me confusion. I don’t dislike this wine some of John Luke wines can be really good but I am not sure really where this wine sits. It may be a case of it requiring a little more time so that it mellows a little.

Wine Rating: 2.5/5

John Luke Malbec 2019 Bottle Label Description

This Malbec from Heathcote is a fruit flavoured and full bodied red-wine displaying great length and weight. Jammy fruits of plum, black cherry, and blackberry are backed by cocoa and mocha hints. A dry and rich red wine, with fruit tannins. If Shiraz or spicy pinot is your go to you will be in for a treat.

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