Le Grand Roi



Grenache, Syrah & Carignan


Dan Murphy’s

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Rating – 3/5

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The Donna Review

On pouring this is a deep red colour. The bottle is rather interesting, it has an unusual label and the glass embossed – so always says to me an expensive and good wine.

This is flavoursome, somewhat dusty on texture and has to be drunk with food. Doesn’t hold its owns on its own and somewhat lacks intense flavours.

Rating: 3/5

Man with no palate Review

If you are on holiday drinking in a small bistro in a small French village on a nice warm summer spring afternoon. This wine would be a good contender for a house red. It’s not a wine to rave about but it is un-offensive, easy to drink, slightly bitter and less than $10 – no complaints.

Wine Rating: 3/5 

Le Grand Roi 2019 Bottle Label Description

This Bouches-du-Rhone has a beautiful red carmine-dress. It’s nose releases aromas of undergrowth fruits. It reveals a round and flexible palate. It can be served with any food.

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