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South Australia


The Donna Review

Whites are generally not my favourites, I would pick a red over a white. But that said it was a delicious creamy wine. Pinot Grigio is one of my favourites and one I would choose other other white varieties. This wine really held its own, even when the chill started to leave it. It didn’t loose it. In fact the flavours became more intense and a truly enjoyable wine. Can be easily drunk with food or on its own. Tempted to buy some more of this.

Wine Rating: 4/5

Man with no palate Review

I am going to keep this one brief. If you can locate the 2018 vintage just buy it. Don’t think about it, just buy it. I am not usually a great fan of whites, but what I love about this wine is that there is no need to chill it while you are drinking it. Even after 30 minutes it is as good as when you pour it out of the bottle.

Wine Rating: 4/5 

The Y Series Pinot Grigio 2018 Bottle Label Description

A lovely Pinot Grigio with orange blossom and wild honey aromas, baked apply and cinnamon flavours and a creamy yet refreshing finish.

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