Moorakyne Coonawarra


Cabernet Sauvignon


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South Australia


The Donna Review

A 3 year old vintage, I always think is a good sign. The older the wine the better, drinking this alongside a chilli, I felt the chilli overpowered this wine. But on drinking it along, it lacks intensity and the cloves have a slightly bitter aftertaste. Not the best wine, not the one to drink along, but it might go nicely with a cheese platter.

Rating: 2/5

Man with no palate Review

We had this wine with a Chili, and as an accompaniment to that this wine went very well. It compliments the spice and heat of that dish and measured against that this is not a bad wine. That said against a more richer red meat dish I think seriously lacking. It leaves a seriously bitter aftertaste which was clearly disguised by the Chilli.

Wine Rating: 2/5 

Moorakyne Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 Bottle Label Description

The intertwining of Coonawarra and Cabernet creates something truly magical. Just like the spirit of the original pioneers who settled the area.

Moorakyne is the name of a historic house in South Australia built in the 1850’s by the local merchant, George Omerod. Much like Australia, love for the nearby Coonawarra wine regions, Omerod was admired by the local citizens because of his commitment to local products that went through his export company. This wine is named after his house and region, paying tribute to the pioneering spirit of these early settlers that developed the area, including the famous Coonawarra wine region. This classic Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon has rich, varietal dark berry flavours, subtle vanillin oak and find grainy tannins on the long smooth finish.

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