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The Donna Review

On opening this I was surprised to find an English sparkling, I was very disappointed to not see an Australian one!. On first taste there is a real burst of apples, but apart from that considering the price there are far better sparkling’s at this price from Australian producers. Hopefully for their 2022 Wine Advent Calendar they change this.

This whole Wine Advent Calendar should showcase all Australian producers, especially as this is the national airline of Australia. If I got on a flight and was served this, I would be totally lost for words.

Wine Rating: 2/5

Man with no Palate Review

For the life of me, I do not understand why the national airline of Australia has a pommy sparkling wine. There are some spectacular sparkling wines in Australia. Looking at the price of this at $99 this is a total rip off, I am no expert with Champagne / Sparkling wines at all but I would stick with your Moet Chandon,  Bollinger or even your Prosecco. I would not rate this above $30. Qantas seriously stuffed up on this wine.

Wine Rating: 2/5

Louis Pommery Brut Bottle Label Description

From the fruit of the vine. This sparkling wine is the result of our quest for elegance and freshness.

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