Nillahcootie Estate Shiraz

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Shiraz 2012


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Our Average Wine Rating: 4.5/5

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Mansfield, Victoria, Australia


The Donna Review

There are some silver linings and during the world epidemic of 2020 this is one of them. Many of the vineyards had orders booked for overseas and restuarants and then once everything stopped, there was alot of really good wines that needed moving. So fortunate to be located in a good vineyard areas. It is is oh so smooth, so flavorsome, fruity and oh so drinkable.
Wine Rating: 4.5/5
I have checked out the vineyard – please see link at bottom of page and this retails at $35 if you can stretch to it order directly from the vineyard it really is a truly excellent wine. Plus you can cellar it for 5-8 years – but not sure how much better this could become!

Man with no Palate Review

Lets not kid ourselves we brought this wine at a great wine discount warehouse. So this wine more than likely retails at a much higher price. For $5 this wine without a shadow of a doubt is the best Shiraz if not red wine, I have ever had. In fact if someone told me this was a $30+ wine I would not be at all disappointed. Fantastic flavour, very fruit, smooth, everything that you look for in a red wine.
Wine Rating: 4.5/5

Nillahcootie Estate Shiraz 2012 Bottle Label Description

Nillahcootie Estate is nestled in a picturesque valley at the northern end of Lake Nillahcootie between Mount Samaria and the Strathbogie Ranges.
Bright red in colour, medium bodied with berry fruit, matured in a mixture of older oak to add subtle oak characteristics.
Soft tannins to finish.

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