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Mendoza, Argentina


The Donna Review

Usually Aldi never fail on their international wines.

But sadly this is a disappointing wine. It is really sharp and not overly pleasant. 

I wonder if it has been bottled too soon as it is only a 2021. So who knows maybe up to a year or less when they made this wine. 

Wine Rating: 2/5

Man with no palate Review

I am usually a fan of a Malbec and Aldi wines but I find this very bitter. Slightly powdery and somewhat disappointing.

Maybe it just needs a bit more aging.

Wine Rating: 2/5 

Kadabra Malbec 2021 Argentina Bottle Label Description

Open Kadabra and surprise your senses with its magic,

Tricks for great magicians:

  1. Get some friends together
  2. Say the magic word ‘Abrakadabra’
  3. Serve the magic into glasses and wait for the ovation!

Serve between 16 – 18oC.

Where to Purchase Kadabra Malbec 2021 Mendoza Argentina

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