Corte Carista

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Rating – 2/5

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Gold 2022 International wine and spirit awards Spain.


The Donna Review

As this is an update review – well price has gone up, but that seems to be standard on everything – inflation.

Looking at the previous review we did rate this highly. Obviously sometimes vintage years do change a wine. I think looking at this with fresh eyes – it isn’t that great. Smells good, colour okay, but taste is a let down. No real depth to this one and really not taste at all.

Wine Rating: 2/5

Man with no palate Review

I had a read of the original review we did of this wine back in 2017. It was very short and to the point, clearly our review techniques have clearly changed.

Yes this still has a rich fruity berry taste, but for this vintage, I wouldn’t say it is yummy by any stretch of the imagination. It is somewhat bitter in taste, far more acidic than I remember it. It makes me think that maybe we should review Aldi wines that they constantly stock more requently.

Wine Rating: 2/5 

Corte Carista 2019 Bottle Label Description

Deep and broody dark ruby in colour. It displays black cherry fruits and concentrated dark chocolate nuances on the bouquet.

This is reinforced by a long sumptuous palate that together expresses the savoury influences of Tuscany with the true fruits of a Sangiovese.

Where to Purchase Corte Carista Chianti 2019

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